Michael Hassig

Papier Colle’-French term used to describe a collage technique using pieces of paper to develop a flat 2-dimensional surface. In this process I use pictures from color plate books. They are cut/torn into various shapes deconstructing the original image. These pieces function as the pictorial elements of shape, color, texture and patterns of light and dark.

My collages are created using good quality paper, scissors, x-acto knife and glue sticks. I studied printmaking/paper making at Northwest Missouri State University. I then went to Drake University to further study printmaking. Printmaking is a very detailed, process oriented discipline. This discipline I have carried to my collages. My work is abstract in imagery. The design itself is the subject. I don’t start with a preconceived image in mind but let the random pieces by chance begin the construction. The places I travel to, books I read, music listened to and the teachings I’ve absorbed over the years all accompany on my adventures with paper.