Christina Blum

I think my love of art started when I was four and my dad brought home a mass of jelly with little black dots in it. He put this jelly in an aquarium and we watched the semi transparent mass of eggs turn to tadpoles and then to frogs. I was fascinated with the beauty and complexity of nature and art became a way for me to express that fascination.

In high school I fell in love with watercolor. It has a beautiful transparency and can be loose or detailed. Watercolor dries quickly and because it flows it can take you in directions you might not have expected, Art has always been a part of my life but it takes many forms. It was detail work in a formal class setting and learning with my kids as we explored the world of finger paints and mud pies.

In 1996 I had the opportunity to join the Ames Brush Club. We met weekly to paint and critique each other’s work. They encouraged me to join Iowa Artist and the Iowa Watercolor Society and to take classes with well known artist like Don Andrews, Birget O’Connor and Paul Jackson. I illustrated books for a friend and the discipline of painting daily to meet a deadline helped my work continue to improve.

When I moved to Clear Lake, I was fortunate to become a part of a group of artists that inspire and support me in my adventures. I continue to be a member of Iowa Artists and am a signature member of the Iowa Watercolor society. I have works available at the Clear Lake Arts Center and Art on the Plaza in Mason City.